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Final Thoughts and Conclusions

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As a reader, I personally gained more insight when learning about the nature of storytelling. There are not many times in life when you actually have the chance to create your own story and share it with classmates as a project. The process that we did in class involved smaller circles, where classmates gave their own feedback on each individual’s story. It was a great way to see other people’s ideas and insight and to get back a few tips in order to enhance and make your own story even better. This exercise proved useful when on the day when we had the screening of our digital stories, everyone was so supportive and truly enjoyed being there and watching them all. It’s great to see that support from people we surround ourselves, and from creating better work based on what they have to say. My favorite kinds of stories were those that were more personal and clearly the student was very proud to present his/her work.


The processes during this semester were kind of out of habit, since as soon as we started hash tagging after curating content, and posting things or tweeting things, we did it for every assignment. It was fairly easy to keep up with the constant posting and tweeting and hash tags; as long as you didn’t fall behind and stayed up to date on the assignments, then everything was pretty simple. There was a fair amount of group v. individual group that I thought overall was a pretty fair balance. I think that as a creator of content, it was easier to use some platforms more than others because that is what I am used to anyways in my free time. Working together allowed more ideas to be conveyed and conceived, and then the creator could do what they will with the advice and feedback and have even more creativity when designing or creating their next project.

 General: Social Media and Technology

As a reader of the regular Twitter feed, Facebook posts, and Tumblr RSS, I think that social media and technology are a huge part of our culture today. Especially at this age, the standard target audience is in between 15-35, and that’s where teenagers and college students play a huge role in establishing an online presence. It’s a lot easier to know what the latest lingo online is, to follow the trends set in fashion, or to be able to know how to find answers based on the search results Google spits out at you, if you have an organized, knowledgeable array of social media sites. I tap into numerous social sites a day to pick up the latest news, music, gossip, and pictures my friends like or post. It’s so easy to stay connected with friends whom I haven’t seen in months or years that it’s almost an excuse to not hang out with them in person since I already know what they are doing based on their online profile. It’s the sad and awful truth, but that’s the consequence of surrounding yourself and basing your life off of an online presence and existence.

 Specific Technology

In my opinion, working and assembling technology to meet and work for your own standards is beyond boring and draining. Something is bound to go wrong when using technology in a presentation, and even having backup or other methods to perform these presentations doesn’t necessarily guarantee success with that device. As a producer of my own content via ScoopIt, I often times had trouble when attaching a photo to the article I had just finished completing. Often times, it would fail to submit or the connection would be lost (probably the result of the unreliable source on the USF network), but it would still be extremely frustrating. I am one of those humans with the least amount of patience for technology, something that I know I am smarter than and can figure it out, but would rather not waste my time on something as minuscule as uploading a picture or refreshing the page.

 Online Platforms and Venues

I really enjoyed our field trip downtown to ScoopIt headquarters. It was refreshing to step out of the classroom and gain knowledge of a company and an online platform that I personally use. I think that Ally, the content and promotional manager, was helpful in answering classmates’ questions and generally stirring interest in this online platform. I like how you are able to post the content scooped onto other social media sites, since I like all my sites to be connected and have some type of similarity. Using WordPress most often worked for me because of the way I tell my stories and convey myself on the Internet. I usually talk blog style, which means I’m not so much articulate as I am personable and fun. I like to write on my blogging platform like I talk to my friends in person. I think it’s more interesting and engaging that way, and it leaves strangers to me feeling as if they know me and can connect with me on a friendly level through my blog. So feel free to read my blogs J


Overall, I enjoyed the processes and technological aspects I experienced in my Digital Media Production course. Using multiple online platforms, each one shaped the way I curated and posted content, but it made me realize which ones are most fit for me. I liked our multiple guest speakers and our downtown field trip to Scoopit. I may not have the knack for online coding and HTML, but I do have elementary knowledge that may be useful in the future. I feel that I am comfortable with many video editing software apps and platforms, and already have an online presence and various social media sites that I actively use. I thoroughly enjoyed creating and making Projects 1 and 2, and I feel that using group work and working together with classmates at times proved successful and beneficial. It was a great semester taking this class, thank you!