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Final Touches

So this is it! I have three days left until my final assignment for my Digital Media Production course is due, and I’m almost done!

I’ve added my soundtrack (literally, it’s one song. And it’s on repeat. Good thing it’s basically just instrumental), put together my titles, opening lines, and credits, and have my transitions and audio levels set (to the best of an iPhone 4s’ capability. Which really isn’t that great. Like, really).

I’m finalizing the project as I speak via iMovie, and gosh, is it taking forever. You see, normally I don’t work with iMovie, but since I don’t have Final Cut Pro on my laptop, it’s hard to edit and finalize my documentary without the proper software. Note to self: Buy/Download/Obtain/Get Final Cut Pro. It is far more superior than iMovie.

I still have to send out the email to the documentarist and filmmaker to have permission to publish my documentary and short film via YouTube, but I don’t think that will be much of a problem. I’m adhering to all legal download/copyright/infringement laws and regulations, so I should get the thumbs up. All this getting permission and copyright stuff is kind of a lot to take in, I can’t imagine what it would be like for a full blown movie/film/documentary/you-name-it. A lot of work. And paperwork.

The final project is due Thursday, but once I get the thumbs up and put the work up on YouTube, I’m going to be spending the last few days promoting my content and short film. What’s a better way to raise awareness about another cause than going out to raise even more awareness and promote the cause/film/story/idea?

I can’t wait for people to see it. I’m looking forward to the feedback, comments, and questions that I may receive. I hope to make this somewhat more than just a project for a film class; to make my own documentary, why, that would be a dream. And every dream begins with a change and a cause.

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Progress Report

Progress Report

So, I’ve made my first recording on SoundCloud, cheers to that. I’ve also done around 5 minutes of editing video content for my documentary on a filmmaker and documentarist himself. It’s really opened my eyes to just the past few hours I’ve spent editing my own work. It takes days, weeks, even years to get the perfect cut or take for a scene that a director or filmmaker would be completely satisfied with. I’m not sure if it’s even possible to get what you see in your mind’s eye out there on pen/paper, let alone captured on camera.

My video content is all done off my iPhone camera/video. This should be fun to work with. I’m using iMovie (surprise) on my MacBook Pro (uber surprise) so I’m pretty much appled out. However, after this short piece for my Media Digital Production course, I plan on buying a T3i camera and devoting my time to workout-at-home and fitness/health videos via my YouTube channel. Sounds promising, yes?

I’ve chosen a couple tracks off the creative commons license and free downloads website Jamendo for my videos. I’m not sure if they set the right tone for the story I’m conveying. I’ll have to play around with that a bit more. Since I used my iPhone as a recording device, the quality of audio isn’t that great so I’m trying to balance it out with having some ear-pleasing background music. Wish me luck.

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