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Final Touches

So this is it! I have three days left until my final assignment for my Digital Media Production course is due, and I’m almost done!

I’ve added my soundtrack (literally, it’s one song. And it’s on repeat. Good thing it’s basically just instrumental), put together my titles, opening lines, and credits, and have my transitions and audio levels set (to the best of an iPhone 4s’ capability. Which really isn’t that great. Like, really).

I’m finalizing the project as I speak via iMovie, and gosh, is it taking forever. You see, normally I don’t work with iMovie, but since I don’t have Final Cut Pro on my laptop, it’s hard to edit and finalize my documentary without the proper software. Note to self: Buy/Download/Obtain/Get Final Cut Pro. It is far more superior than iMovie.

I still have to send out the email to the documentarist and filmmaker to have permission to publish my documentary and short film via YouTube, but I don’t think that will be much of a problem. I’m adhering to all legal download/copyright/infringement laws and regulations, so I should get the thumbs up. All this getting permission and copyright stuff is kind of a lot to take in, I can’t imagine what it would be like for a full blown movie/film/documentary/you-name-it. A lot of work. And paperwork.

The final project is due Thursday, but once I get the thumbs up and put the work up on YouTube, I’m going to be spending the last few days promoting my content and short film. What’s a better way to raise awareness about another cause than going out to raise even more awareness and promote the cause/film/story/idea?

I can’t wait for people to see it. I’m looking forward to the feedback, comments, and questions that I may receive. I hope to make this somewhat more than just a project for a film class; to make my own documentary, why, that would be a dream. And every dream begins with a change and a cause.

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ScoopIt Evaluation

After searching and browsing a bit through Hashtag.usf, I realized how useful and organized the site is using ScoopIt. It has an assortment of varied photographs, that are not only aesthetically pleasing, but good in general describing what the post is talking about.

The strengths that USF uses well on Scoop It is the use of articles, promoting both the school, its students, campus activities, and news. Complete with links to webpages, photographs, video, and news, this site is well equipped for both students and parents, faculty, and staff.

As a curator now on my own ScoopIt topics, I like to have the freedom of choosing which posts I want to Scoop, and which ones I can add more of my insight to and hashtags. I can also promote the Scoops I want via Twitter and Facebook, allowing my audience to grow if they too also want to create a ScoopIt account and then follow my topics.
Anything that I have tweeted or put on Instagram or Pinterest, is also available for me to curate as a Scoop on ScoopIt. With each social media platform connected to my ScoopIt content, the more that I can gain ScoopIt posts by others and have an increase in popularity.

The use of “insight” provide feedback and opinions from the curator (myself), so that way readers have a little more knowledge about what they are going to read or see before clicking on it. This serves as an advantage to both visitor and curator, because I can leave my opinion on the story or news piece, and the visitor can then decide if they find it of interest or value.


I like curating and adding more Scoops to my two topics on ScoopIt. It allows me to create my own stories and content and share those posts to my friends on Facebook and Twitter. I can also add hashtags that will bring an even bigger audience to my Scoops.

People change a lot in their college years, and they continue to change after as well, but their content on ScoopIt and their interests might not be so different in years to come. My overall conclusions are that the flow of events and the structure of the specific topics that Hashtag.usfca use are very organized and overall, it is very aesthetically pleasing. I like to post my own content on ScoopIt and be able to have an audience look at my stories as well.



My Evaluation of Blogging

         I think that the easiest platform to use for blogging would probably be WordPress. It’s easier to curate content, and you can specify what it is you want to do, whether it’s add a photo, or video, or just a blog post. It also has a prettier presentation than the standard templates via Blogger!! I do, however, still really like Tumblr, but I like Tumblr for re-blogging other people’s content, and not generating my own. 🙂 

         The most options available on these different sites for layout and design definitely are on Tumblr. There are more templates and custom made banners, fonts, etc. than on any blogging site out there. (Am I right?) I enjoy updating the theme constantly on my blogs to provide new inspiration for things that I post and just for aesthetically appealing purposes (duh).

         WordPress, as I mentioned before, appeals to me most because it is the easiest blog format to use and it looks very pretty. I even bought my own domain on WordPress because I genuinely enjoy the layout and how it looks. WordPress also generates the most followers that I have because I also promote my work via Twitter and Facebook, because this is the blog that is also my own personal website. That’s all on my thoughts!