Update on My Doc:

Update on my documentary:

Today I emailed the documentarist himself of the film Flying Paper. I worked a little bit more putting together my own video. The power of editing can be frustrating sometimes. I want to start over and redo stuff and publish it all at the same time. It’s driving me mad.

I have added a few more tracks I would like to work with off of Jamendo. They seem to be quite fitting for the mood I’m setting, which is telling of a story (someone else’s..in this case, how to make a documentary). Since it’s not a step-by-step process, it’s more of like the filmmaker giving advice to the audience. In the end, the last scene is the filmmaker asking questions from the audience at a Q+A, a fitting way to end it, in my opinion.

I hope that he will like my work and that I can publish it to YouTube. I want to inspire others to make their own work and to accomplish something they have always dreamed of. Just start now, the earlier, the better. It’s never too late!


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