A Best Friend’s Epiphany

My best friend and I have been laughing, sharing food, talking, sobbing, watching movies, and doing just about anything and everything best friends do for almost 15 years now. I didn’t truly realize the time our friendship has spanned until we received very sad news one day.


I won’t disclose what the news was, but I realize now that time is short and time well spent is precious. We as human beings are so caught up and consumed with the little things; like rushing and getting to work, picking up dinner from a restaurant, skipping a lunch date with a friend because you need to cram last minute for that final.


It’s time that I slow things down a bit and not take for granted everything that is in front of me. I need to stop and think about things instead of merely glancing at a beautifully drawn portrait someone outside of Westfield mall has made. It’s time I stop and think about if I really am spending my time the way I want it, and if not, isn’t it time for a change?


We can all choose our own paths. We can all go in a path that has been already created. Or we can branch out and explore a new part of the path that has yet to be discovered. It is up to the individual to truly decide what they want to do in their own life. But it is this power where they can choose to stop and take the time to think about the little things. So, yes, I think I will take the path less traveled, and even spend a long enough time to stop and smell the roses.


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