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Service Learning Internship and What It Means to ME

Here goes my first blog of the semester for my Service Learning class.

Today was my first day going into the headquarters. As excited as I was, I was still a little nervous because this technically would be my in person interview (everything had been done prior on the phone). 

For my service learning portion for this internship, I strongly believe that students can be actively engaged in the community while ensuing their achievements and goals for their duties in their internship. I proposed to my editorial and manager supervisors today that maybe we could take part in a charity or volunteer together as a company at a service shelter. Also, my grandmother is part of Rotary International, an organization that accomplishes things for the citizens of the common good, and I highly recommend that take part or some action in this service.

My supervisors suggested that maybe I could talk and promote their product to a group of interested individuals in the next few weeks. This would be part of the service-learning aspect listed on the organization PDF form. “Students engage in activities that address human and community needs together with structured opportunities intentionally designed to promote student learning and development” –(Furco, 2000). I said that I agree with this notion and that I would like to reach out to people and provide them with this service and product to help them organize their lives via web. 

Lastly, following this prompt, I believe in the Vision that the public service component directly reflects in the public, government, and environment. I fully intend to have my service learning component of this media internship fulfilled by either charity or community service/involvement, or, as mentioned before, have become an active member of Rotary International. 

As the USF mission states: “to educate leaders who will fashion a more human and just world” (